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Algae in backyard pond

Supplement to the Ponds USA 2014 article
A list of pond plants, including bog, floating, marginal and water lilies.

Snails and Pond Algae
Snails will not reduce pond algae.

Swimming Pool Fish Pond
Can you use a swimming pool or kiddie pool for a fish pond?

Aphid Aggravation
You may see very small bugs called aphids on your pond plants.

Bagging Aquarium Fish and Dechlorinating Pond Water
A reader disagrees about how to add air to a bag containing fish.

Goldfish in a Barrel Pond
Goldfish can live in a half-barrel container pond, as long as you take a few precautions.

A Pond Biological Filter
How to decide what biological filtration will work best in your pond.

Breeding Frogs in Ponds
It is far easier to get frogs than to rid them from your pond.

Aquarium Test Kit Accuracy
It is entirely possible that test kits will not show ammonia, nitrite or nitrate.

Concrete Pond
Concrete ponds must be cured before they are safe for fish.

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