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Koi Glossary of Words
This glossary of koi-related words is a handy reference for koikeepers.

Koi and Goldfish Breeding Basics
Only selective breeding in koi and goldfish will result in specific physical traits.

Show Me the Color
Color changes in goldfish may be just that, or perhaps a sign of disease.

Feeding Koi and Goldfish
The fundamentals of feeding koi and goldfish.

Using Salt for Goldfish and Koi
Salt will not keep your pond from freezing during the winter.

Goldfish in a Barrel Pond
Goldfish can live in a half-barrel container pond, as long as you take a few precautions.

Birds Eating Pond Fish
Keep your conspicuous pond fish from being eaten by predator birds.

Breeding Koi
Koi fish breeding tips.

Bringing in the Fish
It is best to bring fish indoors during cold winters.

Butterfly Koi Size
Are butterfly koi smaller and hardier than regular koi?

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