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Freshwater Aquarium Setups and Care

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Freshwater setups and care Planning your aquarium is the most important aspect of fishkeeping. Going slow and being methodical is ideal, because rushing can get you into trouble fast. Read a variety of essential tips here on how to properly setup your freshwater tank and how to care for your aquarium inhabitants.

Malebo Pool and Congo Rapids Aquariums
Bonus content from the June 2010 AFI magazine article Fish of the Congo.

Fish Tank Shopping List
Bonus content from the March 2010 AFI magazine article Tank Setup: Things to Consider.

Aquarium Quick Light Guide
Bonus content from the November 2010 AFI magazine article The Vitals of Lighting.

Aquarium Setups for Kids
Bonus content from the October 2009 AFI magazine article Are Kids No Longer in the Aquarium Hobby?

Angelfish Types
Bonus content from the September 2009 AFI magazine article The Elegant Angelfish.

Quick Guide to Algae-Eaters
Bonus content from the 2011 Aquarium USA Annual Which Algae-Eater Is Right for You?

Custom Aquarium Setup
True fish fanatics get by on their own custom aquarium setup.

Discus Color
Discus coloration comes from special foods.

Undergravel Filters
Undergravel filters still have their place in the hobby.

Madagascar Killifish
Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine article Fishes From the Red Island.

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