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Freshwater Aquarium Setups and Care

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Freshwater setups and care Planning your aquarium is the most important aspect of fishkeeping. Going slow and being methodical is ideal, because rushing can get you into trouble fast. Read a variety of essential tips here on how to properly setup your freshwater tank and how to care for your aquarium inhabitants.

Aquarium Fish Aggression
Fish aggression and what makes fish fight. Understand fish behavior, and anticipate and prevent fish aggression problems in your aquarium.

Hiding Fish
If you want to see your fish, give them places to hide.

Proper Aquarium Lighting for your Aquarium Application
There are many lights available but only a small percentage are appropriate for photosynthetic reef tank inhabitants or freshwater aquatic plants.

Bug Spray Precautions
If insecticides are going to be used, you need to take steps to protect your fish.

The Bio Ballgame
Cleaning may have disrupted the biological balance of a goldfish tank.

Using Aquarium to Keep Kids in School
How to keep kids interested in the aquarium hobby

Goldfish Bowl History
Get inside the history of the goldfish bowl.

Fishless Aquarium Cycling Method
How to cycle an aquarium without fish.

Shovelnose Catfish
Shovelnose catfish and switching catfish from live foods.

Fish Aquarium Setup Decorations
Three creative fish aquarium setup decoration ideas.

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