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Freshwater Aquarium Setups and Care

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Freshwater setups and care Planning your aquarium is the most important aspect of fishkeeping. Going slow and being methodical is ideal, because rushing can get you into trouble fast. Read a variety of essential tips here on how to properly setup your freshwater tank and how to care for your aquarium inhabitants.

Keeping a Fish Tank in the Garage
There are a few precautions to take when setting up a fish tank in the garage.

New Aquarium Fish
Meet a couple new cichlids, some bottom-dwellers and other newbies.

Setting Up a Fish Aquarium
New to fishkeeping? Here are some basic steps for setting up a fish tank.

10-Gallon Fish Tank
Stocking and filtering a 10-gallon fish tank.

Classroom Fish Tanks
Setting up a classroom fish tank that works.

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