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Saltwater 55-Gallon Communities

Listing of suggested saltwater communities for a 55-gallon aquarium.

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Tank Size Beginner Moderate Advanced
live rock marine fish aquarium

3 – pajama cardinalfish
(Sphaeramia nematoptera)
2 – royal grammas (Gramma loreto)
2 – yellowtail damsels 
(Chrysiptera parasema)

1 – green star polyps
(Pachyclavularia spp.)
2- mushroom anemones (Discosoma spp.)
2- green zoanthids (Protopalythoa spp.)
2- serpent stars
12 – dwarf hermit crabs
10 – Astraea snails

 1 – Picasso trigger
(Rhinecanthus aculeatus)

No Inverts

1 – longnosed hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus)
1- forceps butterflyfish
(Forcipiger flavissimus)
1- bluespotted boxfish
(Ostracion meleagris)
1 – sharpnosed puffer 
(Canthigaster margaritata)

2- mushroom anemones (Discosoma spp.)
12 – dwarf hermit crabs
10 – Astraea snails

55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Pajama Cardinal
Pajama Cardinal
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Royal Gramma
Royal Gramma
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Yellowtail Damsel
Yellowtail Damsel
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Picasso Trigger
Picasso Trigger
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Hawkfish
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Butterflyfish
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Bluespotted Boxfish
Bluespotted Boxfish
55-Gallon Saltwater Tank: the Pufferfish
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Saltwater 55-Gallon Communities

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Reader Comments

Roy harvey    norwalk, CA

6/22/2010 6:21:39 PM

well i need to know about a 125 gallon tank of live rock and i have oneseaba ann and a long tenticle annn and a coral beauty

John    Uniontown, PA

12/18/2009 11:37:31 PM

I consider myself a beginner at saltwater and even I know you surely do not put two royal gramas in the same tank. One is asking for serious problem.

I also think recommending any coral to a beginner is a serious mistake. One must understand water quality and must make sure their water is perfectly stable before introducing corals.

My 55 startout consisted of 2 McClosker Flasher Wrasse, 1 Ocellaris Clown and 1 Royal Gramma. I also have one Mexican Turbo snail. This tank ran for 2 weeks with nothing but live rock until the 1st fish (clown) was introduced.

Brad    Taylors, SC

10/14/2008 9:42:59 AM

Agreed. Nice try but again, bad recommendations. First of all, besides Damsels with Grammas being a bad combo, 2 Grammas in a 55gal??? Unless they are a mated pair, absolutely not!
Recommending Ostracion meleagris is just plain irresponsible. This fish, when stressed, will expel a toxin so potent it will wipe out everything in the tank.

alex    parkland, FL

9/16/2007 5:16:20 PM

pajama cardinal fish are a beginner fish

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