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Seahorses Articles

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Hippocampus erectus

Breeding Dwarf Seahorses
Expert tips on propagating the CITES listed Hippocampus zosterae.

How Much is That Seahorse in the Window?
What are the true environmental costs of the marine curio industry?

Sea Horses for Starters
How to get started with sea horses.

A Beginner's Guide to Seahorses
Before you try keeping seahorses, learn their basic care requirements to ensure your success.

Cannibalism in Seahorses
Do seahorses eat their young?

Rundown on Seahorse Husbandry
Supplement to Seahorse Roundup" from Marine Fish and Reef USA 2012.

More Than 80 Weedy Sea Dragons Born at Monterey Bay Aquarium
The announcement marks the 5th aquarium to hatch these relatives of the seahorse.

Stand Up Paddle Surfers Threaten Seahorses on Maui's Na Papalimu O Pi'ilani Reef, Association Says
Association says that SUP surfers are destroying the reef that is home to sea horses trying to reestablish themselves on the reef.

Aquacultured Seahorses
How is it that aquaculture is not doing more harm than good to the seahorse populations in the wild?

Feeding Seahorses Live Shrimp
Should you feed your seahorses live shrimp?

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