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Reefapalooza 2011
Checking out the Reefapalooza show 2011

A Case For Artificial Reefs
Artificial reefs, if done properly, can contribute much to the preservation and reconstruction of marine communities.

Reverse Osmosis for Making Marine Tanks
The mantra of using reverse osmosis water for making salt water is something that you should have posted in a couple of places in your fish room.

Conservation Artist Karen Talbot
Conservation artist and scientific illustrator Karen Talbot paints a milletseed butterflyfish at Reef-A-Palooza 2011.

Marine Biology and Aquarium Science Program at Central Campus High School
The program opened 26 years ago with a single 29 gallon aquarium.

Calcium Reactors and Small Polyp Stony (SPS) Corals
How are calcium reactors used and are they necessary for small polyp stony corals?

Fish-only Versus Reef Tank
The pros and cons of reef aquariums.

What is kalkwasser and how is it used in reef aquariums?

Macroalgae in a Mini Reef Aquarium
Can I use macroalgae, such as Caulerpa and Cheato, in a mini reef aquarium?

Tips on Helping the Moorish Idol to Survive in Captivity
Zanclus cornutus usually does not survive in captivity, but following these tips may increase your chances of success.

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