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Unpredictable Nitrate Levels
Are denitrators helpful for unpredictable nitrate levels?

Orange Cup Coral or Sun Coral (Tubastrea faulkneri)
My orange cup coral or sun coral does not seem to be acclimating very well to my tank and the polyps are almost never open.

UV Sterilizers in Reef Aquariums
Do UV sterilizers kill important crustaceans and deplete the reef aquarium of nutrients?

Time To Upgrade Your Aquarium Lights?
LED Lights and Environmental Impact

A Beginner's Guide to Seahorses
Before you try keeping seahorses, learn their basic care requirements to ensure your success.

Fish and Invertebrates for Your Reef Aquarium
Avoid problem species when choosing fish and invertebrates for your reef aquarium.

How to Prevent and Cure Saltwater Ich
How do you prevent a Cryptocaryon irritans induced outbreak?

Saltwater Hair Algae
Hair algae has taken over my live rock and smothered my corals.

Coral and Invertebrate Quarantine Procedures
Decrease the chances of adding fish or coral diseases into your display tank.

Deadly Worms
Taking on the plague of the bristleworm.

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