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Saltwater Invertebrates Articles

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Crustacean Fascination
The craze started with red crystal shrimp.

Setting Up a Freshwater Shrimp Tank
Freshwater aquarium shrimp are very popular in the hobby and can be easy to care for with the right information.

Saltwater Aquarium Cleaning Crew
Do I really need invertebrate clean-up crews for a moderately stocked marine aqaurium?

Aquarium Heroes
Ten fish and inverts that’ll be fine in tank water of varying quality.

Feeding Corals
The role of aquarium scavengers in feeding corals.

Dendronephthya and Tubastrea Corals
Do Dendronephthya and Tubastrea corals need light to survive?

Mushroom Corals
What makes mushroom corals the most popular of all soft corals.

Aquarium Sea Stars
Few marine aquarium invertebrates are as crowd-pleasing as the sea stars of the phylum Echinodermata.

Spawning Corals, Clams and Anemones
Spawning corals, clams and anemones in a saltwater aquarium.

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