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Marine Worms. . . Repulsive Creatures Unworthy Of Attention
Many aquarists need an attitude adjustment when it comes to letting polychaetes other than feather duster worms be in their aquariums.

Sexing Sea Stars
Unless you are really trying to reproduce sea stars in aquaria, sexing your sea stars is really immaterial to enjoying them.

Captive-Bred Marine Inverts
They’re not widespread, but some species are being bred.

Malili Lake Shrimp
Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine article Creatures from the Malili Lakes.

Prawn Species Information
Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine column Reef Notes.

Coral Allelopathy
Some corals may be incompatible with others, and you may need to change your aquascaping when keeping these stinging animals.

SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium in Carlsbad, CA Opens Claws Exhibit
Five new displays showcase various clawed creatures from around the world.

Florida to Impose 3 Year Moratorium on Collection of Condylactis gigantea
Aquarium trade collectors brought concerns to FWC about population numbers of Caribbean sea anemone.

Controlling Snails
How can one safely control snails in a fish fry tank?

Apple Snail Care and History
Apple snails remain fascinating, beautiful and relatively long-lived creatures.

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