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Fish Food Articles - Saltwater

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Zooplankton-Feeding Wrasse Fish
Bonus content from the February 2011 AFI magazine article Zooplankton-Feeding Wrasses.

Supplement to Marine Fish Feeding Guilds
Aquarium Fish International magazine, February 2012, Vol. 24, No. 2.

Clam Irritated from Target-Feeding
Bonus content from the September 2010 AFI magazine column Maxima Clam Species Profile.

Cannibalism in Seahorses
Do seahorses eat their young?

The Rap on Seahorse Tail Wraps
Supplement to the September 2008 FAMA Horse Forum" column.

What Fish Food to Feed Your Fish
Flake fish food or frozen fish food? Freeze dried fish food or pelleted fish food?

The Complete Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle
One important aspect of seawater chemistry that every new marine and reefkeeping aquarist must learn to monitor is the nitrogen cycle.

Marine Fish Nutrition
Find out how and what to feed your saltwater fish.

Feeding Corals
The role of aquarium scavengers in feeding corals.

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