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Kordon has been providing the highest quality, industry leading products to prepare and condition water for fish, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians since 1961.  That's over 50 years of the very best products possible. Many people will not use anything else besides Kordon products - because Kordon works best.

The family of Kordon Water Conditioner products includes the following:

  • NovAqua®
  • NovAqua® Plus
  • AmQuel®
  • AmQuel® Plus
  • AmQuel® Plus and NovAqua® Plus Conditioning Kits Pure Dry AmQuel® Fish Protector™ Freshwater Tidy Tank™ Saltwater Tidy Tank™
  • Tidy Turtle™ pH Increase pH Decrease pH Stabilizers 7.0, 7.5 and 8.2 Betta Tabs Goldfish Tabs TransClear™ Freshwater Clarifier SeaClear™ Saltwater Clarifier

There are always people - people just like you - who are either just starting to learn about Kordon products or are repeat users who may have a new question.  We thought it might be a good idea to review three of the most often asked questions here so as many people as possible can get the right answers about Kordon aquarium water conditioners:

Question #1:
"Is there a difference in the actions of Kordon's water conditioners to in fresh vs. salt water?"

Most of Kordon's water conditioners are equally effective in fresh and salt water, and do not require differences in the way that they are used in fresh versus brackish or salt water. If a product is specifically formulated to be used in freshwater - it will be marked as "freshwater" or with a "FW". If a product is specifically formulated to be used in marine or saltwater - it will be marked as "saltwater", "marine" or "seawater" or with a "SW". Example: TransClear™ Freshwater Clarifier would be the proper freshwater clarifier, and SeaClear™ Clarifier would perform the same task in saltwater.

The Kordon water conditioners do not have different formulas for fresh and salt water except where the water's quality or type requires it. This includes Freshwater Tidy Tank  and Saltwater Tidy Tank because the sludge-controlling bacteria are different between fresh and salt water, and TransClear and SeaClear clarifiers. Kordon's pH Stabilizer products are also formulated to work for each specific water type - 7.0 for freshwater, 7.5 for brackish water (this is the water found in natural estuaries and the mouths of rivers where freshwater and salt mix and co-mingle) and 8.2 for marine or saltwater.

Question 2:
"How easy is it to measure the water conditioners? I want spill-free products for my desk-top aquarium."

Several of the Kordon water conditioning products come in smaller sizes just right for children's smaller hands and the Betta bowls and desk-top goldfish aquarium we usually see in their bedrooms.  These products are also perfect for the office where you want to keep your fish food and supplies neatly in your desk drawer. The 1-ounce Conditioning Kit includes both AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus as liquids in small 1-ounce bottles. For no-spill easy care choose EZ4U water Conditioning tablets, Betta Tabs or Goldfish Tabs.  Children can interact with the care of their pet fish by simply learning how many tablets to use and dropping them into the bowl or tank themselves. Tank-cleaning or  water-change day can now be a mess-free fish care day.

Question #3:
"To what extent are Kordon's water conditioners toxic to fishes and invertebrates?"

As to how toxic or stressful Kordon's aquarium water conditioners are to fishes and invertebrates, they quite simply are not. Water conditioners are the necessary "good guys" of safe aquarium keeping. These products merely prepare the ordinary tap water to make it safe for fish and invertebrates by detoxifying the chemicals added by municipal water systems.  The chemicals added by city and state water managers are the additives such as chlorine that make water safe for human consumption by controlling bacteria and pathogens that might occur in the local water reservoirs or tanks. Municipal water districts treat huge volumes of water so that it is safe for you to drink or use in cooking and bathing.  Water conditions vary greatly depending on where the water comes from - wells can produce a vastly different  quality of water than glacier melt, snow melt  or rain run-off.  Mineral loads and local conditions must all be taken into consideration when the treatment protocol's chemical mix is finalized. The problem is - the levels of chemicals that are okay for ingestion and use by humans and larger pets can be very harmful to delicate fish and invertebrates.  Water is to your fish what air is to you and I... fish live in the water just as we freely live it in the air around us. 

Kordon's wide range of aquarium water conditioners is listed at the beginning of this article. These Kordon products are not "treatments" or "cures" (we will discuss treatments in a future article).

We should mention Kordon AlgaeQuel remover for algae present in the water and on surfaces - which has not been included because it is neither a water conditioner nor a treatment - but rather a vegetation control product.  While you would use water conditioners for routine aquarium maintenance and every addition of water into your aquarium, algae control is trickier and you would only add  this product when algae  over-growth  is present. AlgaeQuel's formulation is as stress free as possible for fishes and invertebrates... but at best all the algaecides used for fish keeping to some extent can be stressful on some fishes and invertebrates, and this needs to be taken into consideration during treatment.

The most important thing about Kordon water conditioners is that they work best when used together - especially in the case of AmQuel and NovAqua or AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus, and they should be used consistently.  All you need to do to have great water for your aquarium is to use Kordon conditioners during every water change and every aquarium water-level top off. That's what successful aquarium keepers have been doing for over 50 years - and it works!

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