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Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Supplements

Check out the latest supplements, water conditioners and more for your freshwater and marine aquarium.

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Acurel Absorptol

Acurel Absorptol

Acurel Absorptol helps fish to absorb vitamins, nutrients and medications faster, which means faster healing for your fish. Simply add Absorptol to your tank before any supplements or medications. Read More>>


Easy Life's Fluid Filter Medium

Easy Life

Easy Life's Fluid Filter Medium is a water conditioner with more than 30 beneficial effects, including making water crystal clear, protecting fish slime coats, and reducing and preventing stress. Read More>>


Microbe-Lift Immediate Water Cycling Kit

Microbe lift
Microbe-Lift's Immediate Water Cycling Kit speeds removal of organic waste, adds microbes, increases the rate of organic breakdown, improves filter performance, provides necessary nitrifying bacteria, removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, and is reef-safe. Read More>>


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