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FishChannel contributing author David Lass takes a hands on approach to the latest products for the freshwater, saltwater and reefkeeping enthusiast.

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FishChannel contributing author David A. Lass takes a hands on approach to the latest products for the freshwater, saltwater, and reefkeeping enthusiast.

Every product in FishChannel’s product review section has been tested by noted Aquarium Fish International magazine columnist David Lass. From LED lighting systems and canister filters to heaters, nano aquariums and beyond, all freshwater and saltwater aquarium and reef enthusiasts will want to know what David’s tests revealed.


Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers Review

Ocean Nutrition Shrimp

The Claims
Ocean Nutrition claims that its Shrimp Wafers provide all of the nutrition that freshwater ornamental shrimp require, that they are readily eaten and that they do not fall apart in the water.

The Test
I sell a number of different ornamental shrimp in my wholesale business, and I fed Ocean Nutrition's Shrimp Wafers to the varieties that tend to lose their color: cherry reds and tigers. More>>


Seachem Plant Substrates and Additives

SeaChem Substrates

The Claims
Seachem's claims for their substrates and additives are very simple — your plants and planted aquariums will be better with their products.

The Test
I actually did two separate tests:

  1. I tested the four Seachem plant substrates to see if there was any difference between them in growing plants.
  2. I used two of Seachem's substrates and three of their additives in a typical planted aquarium setup. More>>


ONEdersave Products EcoBio-Planter Review 

Onedersave planter

The Claims
ONEdersave claims that the EcoBio-Planter combines the proven effectiveness of the EcoBio-Block in a natural-looking planter for aquarium plants, which both improves the health of the plant and also of the overall aquarium ecosystem.

The Test
I tested the EcoBio-Planter in two applications. One was with a bamboo plant in the spray of an indoor waterfall; the other was with a red Nymphaea lily in my 300-gallon display aquarium. Both EcoBio-Planters were used for a month or so. More>>


TLC Products Start Smart Live Bacteria Review

TLC StartSmart

The Claims
TLC claims that StartSmart instantly cycles new aquariums and that you can add fish immediately to a new aquarium after using StartSmart. They further claim that StartSmart will eliminate ammonia and nitrite in new aquariums.

The Test
I filled a 20-gallon high halfway with new water (conditioned to remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia) and then filled it up with water from an existing aquarium. I set up an air-driven box filter with biological filtration media (some of the small commercially available concretelike pellets) More>>


Hagen Fluval G Filters Review

Fluval G Filter

The Claims
The claims that Hagen makes for the Fluval G Filters are best summed up in some of the advertising blurbs from Hagen and from dealers. These include "the future of filtration," "where design meets innovation" and "so revolutionary it is destined to change the way filters are designed."

The Test
To test the Hagen Fluval G Filters, I used the G3 (the smaller of the two) on a 29-gallon planted aquarium, and the G6 on a 50-gallon marine FOWLR (fish only with live rock) aquarium. More>>


Hydor Magi-Klean Pump and Accessory Cleaner Review

Hydor Magi-Klean

The Claims
Hydor claims that its Magi-Klean Pump and Accessory Cleaner removes grungy deposits, such as calcium and lime, from aquarium quipment. Just soak a piece of equipment for up to 24 hours in Magi-Klean, use a brush for stubborn places, rinse and return the leaned item to the saltwater fish aquarium.

The Tests
As I have often done with products for use in marine aquariums (I only have three saltwater fish aquariums up and running, and all are testing new products), I enlisted the help of some fish stores. More>>


Aqualumin Rocks, Seashells and Gravel Review


The Claims
Aqualumin claims that their rocks, gravel and seashells will glow in the dark, are not harmful to fish and have many applications for aquariums.

The Test
I took a variety of Aqualumin products (two different types of seashells, a couple of rocks and two types of gravel) and put them into two aquariums: a 20 high and a 30 breeder in my wholesale fish room. Lights were on seven hours a day, and after the second day, I snuck down into the fish room late at night. More>>

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