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FishChannel contributing author David Lass takes a hands on approach to the latest products for the freshwater, saltwater and reefkeeping enthusiast.

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FishChannel contributing author David A. Lass takes a hands on approach to the latest products for the freshwater, saltwater, and reefkeeping enthusiast.

Every product in FishChannel’s product review section has been tested by noted Aquarium Fish International magazine columnist David Lass. From LED lighting systems and canister filters to heaters, nano aquariums and beyond, all freshwater and saltwater aquarium and reef enthusiasts will want to know what David’s tests revealed.


Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift Reef Salt Review

Ecological Laboratories Salt

The Claims
Microbe-Lift claims that their Reef Salt is nitrate- and phosphate-free, that it has all necessary trace elements and that it maintains pH and alkalinity.

The Tests
I set up a new 50-gallon marine reef tank using Microbe-Lift Reef Salt. I used a new undergravel filter that I was also testing, a good protein skimmer, marine substrate and an LED lighting system. More>>


Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. Fluval Pond Filter with UV Review

Fluval Pond Filter

The Claims
Hagen claims that the Fluval Pond Filter will do an excellent filtering job and that with the built-in UV, algae and other pollutants in the water column will be eliminated.

The Tests
I tested the Fluval Pond Filter in three different situations.

  1. A 120-gallon aquarium with four large koi fish that was completely green from algae
  2. My 300-gallon indoor pond that has koi and goldfish
  3. My 2,500- to 3,000-gallon outside pond that also has koi and goldfish

All three of these situations were excellent tests of a typical less-than-perfect situation. More>>


 Marineland LED Double Bright Lighting System Review

Marineland LED Lighting

The Claims
Marineland claims that its LED Double Bright Lighting System delivers 600 lumens per watt of electricity, that the light penetrates deep into an aquarium and has the shimmer of true sunlight. It also claims that the LED Double Bright has 17,000 hours of life.

The Tests
The Marineland LED system that I tested was the 24-inch to 36-inch model. It has 12 LEDs in three rows of four. The two outer rows are daylight white, and the inner row is blue. More>> 


 H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament Review 

Hydor Volcano

The Claims
Hydor's only claims for the H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament are that it aerates the aquarium and that it is an attractive ornament.

The Test
The only "test" for this ornament is that I set it up in a freshwater fish aquarium, looked at it and asked some friends who were in my fish room if they liked it. More>>


Inland Craft Products DFS-100 Reefkeeper Saw Review

 Inland Frag Saw

The Claims
Inland Craft Products claims that the DFS-100 is the best tool to use for fragging corals and that it is an improvement over its previous model.

The Tests
Since I do not do any coral fragging myself, I turned to friends at two local fish stores with large marine departments and with people associated with the store who frag a lot of corals. More>>


Maglife USA Clean Sweep Betta Tank Review

Maglife Clean Sweep

The Claims
Maglife claims that the Clean Sweep Betta Tank and NitraStrate substrate make keeping a betta easier than ever, and that their Sediment Removal System is an easy way to clean the aquarium and do a water change. In combination, they claim to have the best betta aquarium around.

The Test
I set up a Clean Sweep Betta Tank using the NitraStrate substrate, aged water from an existing aquarium and one of my male bettas. I used the Sediment Removal System about every week to 10 days to clean the aquarium, and I gave the betta fish food three times a week. More>>


Innovative Viewing Systems' The Portal Review

Innovative Viewing Systems Portal review

The Claims
Innovative Viewing Systems says that The Portal magnifies and allows you to explore your aquarium in a totally new way.

The Test
I put The Portal on the front pane of a 29-gallon planted aquarium where I am testing some other products. More>>


Aquatop Digital Heater Review 

 Aquatop Digital heater

The Claims
Aquatop claims that the heater is easy to use and will maintain the aquarium temperature accurately.

The Test
I tested a 300-watt Aquatop Digital Heater on a 50-gallon planted tank
. Over a few weeks, I raised the water temperature by 2 degrees every other day and then. More>>


Microbe-Lift KH Bio-Active Booster

KH Bio-Active Booster

The Claims
Microbe-Lift claims that the KH Bio-Active Booster will maintain KH (carbonate alkalinity). Without sufficient KH, the good bacteria of the nitrogen cycle cannot be maintained, so this is an important parameter for aquariums.

The Test
I tested the KH Bio-Active Booster on four tanks in my wholesale fish room: two 30-gallon breeders and two 40-gallon breeders. Each tank had between 30 and 75 fish. More>>

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