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The latest products for the freshwater, saltwater and reefkeeping enthusiast.

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Check out these products introduced and released for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquarium enthusiasts. FishChannel covers a variety of products, from protein skimmers to nano aquariums to large aquariums, aquarium filters, LED lights, lighting systems, heaters, UV sterilizers, fish food, fish supplements, refractometers and pH testers, and everything in between.  

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Aquatic Life Intros RO Buddie Aquarium Reverse Osmosis System

RO Buddie
Aquatic Life has introduced a three stage reverse osmosis water purification system that features the carbon and sediment cartridges encased in plastic housings that are part of the filter. Read More>>


ONEdersave's EcoBio-Block Sports New Beneficial Bacteria

EcoBio Block
ONEdersave announced that its EcoBio-Stones are formulated with new beneficial bacteria to help keep your aquarium water clear. Read More>>


Seachem Labs To Ship Collapsible Water Jug

HydroTote holds up to 5 gallons, folds away when not in use to take up much less space. Read More>>


Health-Tech Sales Intros Emergency Aquarium Filtration Device

RALF, an acronym for Restoration Aquatic Life Filtration, is a battery powered, multi-stage filtration system that aquarists can use during extended periods of power loss caused by events such as natural disasters, rolling blackouts, and other situations when power is lost. Read More>>


Hagen Ships the Fluval Spec V Nano Aquarium

Fluval Spec V
Hagen's latest addition to its nano aquarium line is the Fluval Spec V, a 5.6 gallon all in one aquarium that is ideal for those who want the full features of a bigger aquarium in a smaller (10.6” x 6” x 17”) footprint. Read More>>


EcoTech Marine Announces Radion XR30w G2 LED Lighting System

Radion XR30w G2 LED Lighting System
EcoTech Marine has announced the Radion XR30w G2, the company's next generation LED reef aquarium lighting system that features new TIR lenses and  Cree XT-E LEDs for an increased PAR rating and improved efficiency. Read More>>


2.6 Gallon Fluval Spec III Nano Tank Ships

Rolf C. Hagen's Fluval Spec III shares the same features as the larger Fluval Spec V but in a smaller capacity. It is a 2.6 gallon, all glass nano aquarium in a one square foot form factor. Read More>>


Hagen Ships Three New Q Series Air Pumps

The new Fluval Q Series aquarium air pumps deliver constant water motion to ensure healthy oxygen levels in your tank. Air pumps however can be noisy, and the company says the new pumps are designed to help reduce that noise. Read More>>


Reefdoser Pro for iPad Ships

Pixelwand, the application developer that brought the reefkeeping community Reefdoser for iPhone has released Reefdoser Pro for the iPad, an application for the iPad that enables you to record your aquarium parameters and dosing schedule on the iPad so you have near instant access to the water parameters in your aquarium. Read More>>


Aquarium Headboard Lets You Sleep With Your Fishes

Dream of your Aquarium? The folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturers (of TANKED fame) want to help with its custom made aquarium headboard. The 650 gallon aquarium ($11,500) doubles as a headboard, and is anchored by a pair of tables on each side of the bed. Read More>>


Sensorex PH-1 Turns your iPhone Into a PH Meter

Sensorex PH-1 is a portable pH meter that plugs into an iPhone, iPod or iPad, effectively turning those devices into a pH meter that you can use to test the pH of your aquarium. Read More>>



Rolf C. Hagen Debuts Fluval 06 Series Canister Filters for Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums

Rolf C. Hagen Corp. has introduced a new line of aquarium filters for 25 to 100 gallon aquariums. The Fluval 06 series filters feature multifiltration baskets and rim connector assemblies and use the company's patented AquaStop Valves. Read More>>


Zoo Med's Betta Condos and Houses

Zoo Med


Zoo Med's Betta Condos and Houses are retro-style betta aquariums that are a perfect highlight for a home or office. The aquariums come in four unique shapes (rectangular, oval/racetrack, hexagon and TV shape) and five colors (black, white, blue, red and neon pink). Read More>>


Underwater Galleries' "Big Rock Box" of Cichlid Stones

 Underwater Galleries

Underwater Galleries' hollow ceramic rocks, aka "Cichlid Stones," are now available in a "Big Rock Box." Pile up these 4-inch and 6-inch stones to "create instant habitats where each fish can claim its own stone. Read More>> 


Tunze's Turbelle Masterstream


Tunze's Turbelle Masterstream is a high-capacity propeller pump intended for aquarists running large aquariums that need a powerful and wide flow rate. Read More>>


Tunze's Hydrofoamer Silence 9420.040 Pump


Since the beginning of 2009, all TUNZE Master DOC skimmers have been fitted with a new Hydrofoamer Silence 9420.040 pump. With its silent operation, the Hydrofoamer 9420.040 provides the best performance on the market: an output of between 224 to 290 gallons per hour at a power consumption of only 15 watts, depending on the skimmer connected. Read More>>


TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer

tetra pond skimmer

The TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer acts as a prefilter for the filtration system and is easy to install by simply placing it directly in the pond. Use with flexible liner and preformed ponds up to 1,000 gallons. Read More>>


Orphek's DIF-100B LED Pendant


Orphek's DIF-100B delivers 420 to 460 nanometer blue light that provides color enhancement to corals. The DIF-100B offers 36-inch-by-36-inch coverage with only 12 inches of suspension height. Read More>>


Ocean Presence Technologies' Underwater Camera

Ocean Presence camera

Ocean Presence Technologies' 360-degree hemispheric camera (model OPT-09) can record inside of an aquarium. A virtual pan-tilt-zoom function allows the camera to be controlled and viewed over the Internet. Read More>>


Microbe-Lift Bloom and Grow Microbial Root Dip

Microbe lift 

Microbe-Lift Bloom and Grow Microbial Root Dip promotes a healthy root system by enhancing metabolism, increasing chlorophyll and nutrient availability, reducing transplant shock, preventing pathogens and aiding in disease resistance. Read More>>


Mag-Float Scrape

 Mag Float scrape

With the new Mag-Float Scrape, you can now easily scrape away the toughest algae with barely any effort and in hard-to-reach corners. The large Mag-Float Scrape is perfect for aquariums with glass three-fourths of an inch thick. Read More>>

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