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60-Gallon Communities

Listing of suggested freshwater communities for a 60 gallon aquarium.

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60 gallon
20 cardinal tetras
12 lemon tetras
10 marbled hatchetfish 
10 skunk cories
60 gallon
3 clown loaches
1 red-tailed shark
4 dwarf gouramis (2 pairs)
24 tiger barbs
6 peppered cories

60 gallon
6 platies
3 sailfin mollies
6 pearl gouramis
6 zebra danios
20 head & tail light tetras
2 plecos
3 pygmy sucker catfish (Otocinclus)

60 Gallon Community- Cardinal Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
60 Gallon Community- Clown Loach
Clown Loach
60 Gallon Community- Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Gourami
60 Gallon Community- Head and Tail Light Tetra
Head and Tail Light Tetra
60 Gallon Community- Kuhli Loach
Kuhli Loach
60 Gallon Community- Lemon Tetra
Lemon Tetra
60 Gallon Community- Marbled Hatchetfish
Marbled Hatchetfish
60 Gallon Community- Pearled Gourami
Pearl Gourami
60 Gallon Community- Platy
60 Gallon Community- Plecostomus
60 Gallon Community- Skunk Cory
Skunk Cory
60 Gallon Community- Tiger Barb
Tiger Barb
60 Gallon Community- Zebra Danio
Zebra Danio
60 Gallon Community- Otocinclus
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60-Gallon Communities

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Reader Comments

Angus    covina, CA

9/17/2010 4:33:19 PM

My setup for 60 gallon
- 20 neon tetras
-10 black phantom tetras
- 5 guppies
-3 pearl gouramis
-7 emerald corydoras
-20 ghost shrimp
- 2 ram fish
-6 swordfish
-6 lemon tetra

Tyler    Honolulu, HI

6/21/2010 10:25:56 PM

Do not keep mollies with other freshwater fish. They are brackish water fish.

d    dddd, MI

5/21/2010 6:21:20 PM

be careful of the type of pleco you get. some can get to big for a 80 gallon, let alone and 60

kirk    Motown, MI

4/21/2010 10:46:01 AM

I haven't seen one on this site, but I'd really like a chart of fish compatability. I like the whole suggested combo idea, but a chart would be helpful in matching up fish mot mentioned here.

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