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Finding Fancy Goldfish

There are many places hobbyists can find quality fancy goldfish.

By Stephen M. Meyer

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Q. I am a tropical fish hobbyist who is looking for high-quality fancy goldfish. I am unable to fine what I am looking for in our local pet stores (in New York). Can you help me?

A. There are a lot of great places in the New York City/Long Island area to get great fancy goldfish. I suggest you get the Yellow Pages and call around.

Aquarium retailers cannot be blamed for not stocking large selections of fancy goldfish. These animals are a niche item — the numbers of enthusiasts who go out of their way to find these fish are relatively small compared with the overall freshwater fish trade.

Moreover, fancy goldfish are expensive to stock, and place high maintenance demands on staff. An aquarium of ranchus that might sell for $50 each represents more work and financial risk than an aquarium filled with neon tetras. In this respect, fancy goldfish are probably more on par with marine fish, with the demand for marine fish being much greater in many of the urban markets.

I suggest you get in touch with the Goldfish Society of America (Andy Teng, GFSA, 430 4th Ave., Westwood, NJ 07675). Their publication, The Goldfish Report, has a substantial fancy goldfish exchange section, as well as ads by breeders willing to ship.

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