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Fish Food Articles - Freshwater

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Feeding fish Flake, freeze dried, liquid, frozen? Pelleted or live? Read our fish food articles to determine what foods are right for your fish.

Make your own infusoria for your fish.

Aquarium Fish Not Eating
Bonus content from the March 2010 AFI magazine column Freshwater Q&A.

How to Get Your Fire Eel to Eat
Freshwater Q&A about what to do if your fire eel is not eating.

ELive Ships 11 New Fish Foods for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish
The company's new line includes seven individual ingredients and four blended fish foods.

Cloudy Aquarium Water
Unless the aquarium water is green in color, the cloudy water is most likely a bacterial bloom.

How to Get Finicky Fish to Eat
Some fish can be finicky feeders. Here are some tips to get them to eat.

Taking a Vacation? What About the Fish?
There are several methods to feed fish in your absence.

Feeding Newborn Livebearers
Fry that die in four to seven days usually succumb to starvation.

Hatching Brine Shrimp
Learn how to successfully hatch brine shrimp.

Cultivating Your Own Fish Food
Learn what you need to feed your fish only the best.

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