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Freshwater Tank Care Articles

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Fish with dropsy Read some of the more than 100 freshwater tank care tips here from expert fishkeepers so you can apply what they know to your successful aquarium endeavors. These are tried and true tips that will keep your tank and its inhabitants healthy.

Aquarium Fish and Fungus
Fungal infections are often the result of other diseases caused by poor water quality.

Follow the Clues in Your Tank
Follow the clues your tank is giving you to discover any problems.

How High Summer Temperatures Affect Your Aquarium
The difficulty is not in the fishes' inability to withstand the temperature, but rather in the side effects of the higher temperatures.

Determining Goldfish Growth
The rate of growth is determined by the aquatic environment.

Freshwater Forum: Euthanizing Fish
Learn how to euthanize and spawn fish.

Aquarium Filter Maintenance
Aquarium filter types and maintenance.

Sponge Filters: The Portable Approach to Biological Filtration
There are times when a sponge filter is a better choice than an undergravel filter.

Canister Filters
How they work and what to look for.

Aquarium Carbon
Most aquarists have used aquarium carbon at some point — but how exactly does it do its job?

Choosing the Right Aquarium Filter for Your Tank
Provide the best water quality for your tank's inhabitants.

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