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Fishkeeping Dos and Don'ts

There are basic rules to fishkeeping that all hobbyists should follow.

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Fishkeeping Do's

Do make a fishkeeping budget

Do set a budget for all fishkeeping expenses

Do use a water testing kit
Do use a test kit to check your water
Do watch for signs of disease in your fish
Do observe your fish for signs of disease

- Do research a fish before purchasing
- Do consult with other hobbyists
- Do cycle a new tank
- Do quarantine new fish
- Do acclimate new fish

- Do regular maintenance and water changes
- Do condition replacement water during water changes
- Do have plans to accommodate unexpected fry
- Do remember to view and appreciate your setup

Fishkeeping Don'ts

Don't release fish into the wild

Don’t release captive fish into the wild

Don't overfeed your fish
Don’t overfeed your fish
Don't mix species without research first
Don’t mix species without researching their compatibility

- Don’t buy fish on impulse
- Don’t overstock your tank
- Don’t flush fish down the toilet
- Don’t forget to provide for your fish when you are away
- Don’t let algae get out of control

- Don’t add too many fish to a tank at once
- Don’t add fish without acclimating them first
- Don’t let a disease fester
- Don’t keep goldfish in bowls, drinking glasses and other small containers
- Don’t forget to visit often for more tips!

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Fishkeeping Dos and Don'ts

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Reader Comments

Michael    International

12/29/2015 3:23:41 AM

Yes, feeding more food to fishes could be dangerous. Keeping aquariums and it maintenance is not an easy task. It should be maintained carefully. To know more about it visit - LINK

Bruce    St. Paul, MN

8/11/2014 5:54:48 PM

""Don’t overstock your tank""

It not my fault they gave me two extra because they were so small

Dante    Hyde Park, MA

4/21/2014 6:43:47 AM

Unfortunately it's not so easy to stick with the budget. It's one of those "Oh, just this one more...!"

Dante    hyde Park, MA

4/16/2014 11:15:30 AM

So, Sheila, who are you eyeing now that is a suspect? The goldfish or one of the Kois? Any of them swimming around with a fat belly?

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