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Green Chromis FISH STATS

Green Chromis -

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Scientific Name:Chromis viridis
Size:3½ inches
Temperature:74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit
Origin:Indian and Pacific Oceans

Green Chromis Species Profile

The green chromis makes an excellent aquarium fish, as do most chromis fish found in local fish stores. It is almost always available at reasonable prices, and the only word of warning is that it is best kept in groups of six or more fish of the same species. In those numbers, it will establish a pecking order within the group, and peace will usually reign. It will not bother any other fish, and it is an excellent fish for reef tanks. Single fish usually do not do well, and without its fellow chromis species, a single fish will usually waste away and perish.

A green chromis will spend most of its time swimming in the open water of an aquarium, so it needs plenty of space in the middle- to upper-water column. When it has established a school, or shoal, a green chromis will often spawn in an aquarium, but it is virtually impossible to raise any babies. Commercial aquaculture is well on its way to providing fish to the hobby, but large numbers are usually taken from the wild.

Chromis of all kinds do very well in the home aquarium. A chromis will usually eat any prepared foods, including flake. It should, however, be presented with a wide variety of food including some meaty foods. It is important that it is fed as often as possible because it is a constant feeder on the reef. If deprived of food many times a day, it can fail to thrive.

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