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Domino Damsel FISH STATS

Domino Damsel -

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Scientific Name:Dascyllus trimaculatus
Size:5½ inches
Temperature:74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit
Origin:Pacific and Indian Oceans

Domino Damsel Species Profile

The domino damsel is readily available at most local fish stores. It is very hardy and is often used to get the nitrogen cycle going in a new aquarium. However, it has a number of drawbacks that makes it a less-than-ideal aquarium fish in the long run. First, this cute, little fish that is velvet black with bright white spots eventually matures into a fairly large, drab grayish fish that is not that interesting to keep and will try to beat up every other fish in the tank.

That said, the domino damsel is still very popular, primarily because it is cheap and hardy. Because it is so hardy, it is an excellent fish to start a tank with. However, it is best to plan on removing it when the tank has cycled and you want to put in other fish. Some aquarium shops keep several domino damsels that they “rent out” to hobbyists for starting their tanks. The stores take the damsels back in exchange for other fish.

The domino damsel will eat anything that is offered to it, and it will graze on algae. The domino damsel is completely reef-safe and will not bother any invertebrates in an aquarium. It will also spawn fairly readily in a tank, but when it spawns it can make life extremely unpleasant for its tankmates.

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