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Rotala Indica (rotundifolia) FISH STATS

Rotala Indica (rotundifolia) - © David A. Lass

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Common Name:None
Maximum Height:18 inches to 24 inches
Leaf Size:¼ inch
Stem Thickness:¼ inch
Light:Moderate to High
Temperature:65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
pH:5.5 to 7.5
Origin:Southeast Asia
Water Hardness:Soft to Moderately Hard
Relative Growth

Rotala indica (rotundifolia) Plant Profile

Rotala indica (also known as R. rotundifolia) is an excellent aquarium plant, as it adapts to most typical water conditions. Growth is dependent on the amount of light and nutrients provided for the plant. In conditions of high light and nutrients Rotala indica will grow quickly, and as it spreads across the surface of the water the plant will send down rootlets at most of the places where leaves are attached to the stem. These stems can be planted, and usually each root will grow a full stem. The more light and food provided, the redder the leaves will become, and in conditions of sufficient food and high light levels R. indica will take on a beautiful red to the newer leaves of the growing stem. The more light provided the smaller and more densely packed the leaves will be. Easy to grow, it needs to be pruned regularly, with the cut growing tips planted to replace the older stems.

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