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Ludwigia Repens FISH STATS

Ludwigia Repens - © David A. Lass

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Common Name:Red Ludwigia
Maximum Height:14 inches to 16 inches
Leaf Size:½ inch
Stem Thickness:¼ inch
Light:Medium to High
Temperature:65 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit
pH:5.5 to 7.5
Origin:North, Central and South America
Water Hardness:Soft to Moderate
Nutrients:As much as possible
Relative Growth

Ludwigia repens Plant Profile

Red ludwigia is a highly variable plant, since it occurs naturally over such a wide range, and has also been produced for the aquarium hobby for many years. The plant will grow in different leaf shapes and color variations depending on genetics and the growing conditions. The more light and nutrients provided, the faster the growth will be, and the redder the leaves. When a single stem is trimmed, the growing tips can be planted, and the growing stem will branch, making the display bushier and fuller. A very attractive and undemanding plant, L. repens is an excellent aquarium plant, one which will adapt to most conditions and grow profusely. If stems are placed on the substrate and weighed down in places, each leaf axil will produce a new stem, and with trimming it can effectively be used as a ground cover.

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