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Limnophila Aromatica FISH STATS

Limnophila Aromatica - © Scott Hieber

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Common Name:Rice Paddy Herb
Maximum Height:10 inches to more than 20 inches
Leaf Size:¼ inch by 2½ inches long
Stem Thickness:1/10 inch to 1/5 inch
Temperature:70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
pH:5.0 to 7.0
Origin:Southeast Asia
Water Hardness:Very Soft to Moderately Hard
Nutrients:Ample Nutrients; CO2 Recommended
Relative Growth
Slow to Moderate

Limnophila aromatica Plant Profile

While one of the more beautiful stem plants, aromatica, is also one of the more demanding ones to grow. This plant can thrive in moderately hard water and is reasonably tolerable of water conditions. Regular pruning and planting of the cuttings is necessary to maintain an attractive stand. Otherwise the lower portions, being shaded and therefore losing leaves, will be bare and unsightly. So, it tends to work better as a midground than background plant in aquascapes. Strong light is necessary for the reddish hue to appear in the leaves. The purplish undersides of the leaves lend an interesting highlight to the midground in an aquascape.

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