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Echinodorus Species FISH STATS

Echinodorus Species - © David A. Lass

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Common Name:Amazon Sword Plant
Maximum Height:8 inches to 30 inches
Leaf Size:1 inch to 4 inches
Stem Thickness:¼ inch to ½ inch
Light:Medium to High
Temperature:60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
pH:5.5 to 8.5
Origin:Central and South America
Water Hardness:Soft to Moderate
Nutrients:Heavy Feeder
Relative Growth
Medium to Fast

Echinodorus species Plant Profile

Amazon sword plants (Echinodorus species) have been available in the aquarium hobby for many years, as they are a fairly easy plant to keep as long as they are provided with sufficient light and nutrients. The most common naturally occurring variety in the hobby is E. bleheri, which is a very nice plant that can get to be 12 inches tall or more. Other wild varieties often seen are E. radicans, and E. horemanii. Both of these will grow out of the tank if left untended, and leaves can reach 3 feet in length.

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