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Echinodorus 'red Diamond' FISH STATS

Echinodorus 'red Diamond' - © Scott Hieber

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Common Name:Victoria Sword
Maximum Height:6 inches to 11 inches or more
Leaf Size:1 inch by 8 inches to10 inches
Stem Thickness:1/10 inch to 1/5 inch
Light:Moderate to Strong
Temperature:60 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
pH:6.0 to 8.0
Origin:A cultivar from the Ukraine
Water Hardness:Moderate to Hard
Nutrients:Ample Nutrients; CO2 Recommended
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Echinodorus 'Red Diamond' Plant Profile

Earlier known as a Victoria, this cultivar has been christened “Red Diamond.” It is believed to be a cross between E. horemanni 'red' and E. x barthii. Decorative enough to be used as a single plant, a grove of these red and green beauties can create an impressive effect in a large aquarium. The new leaves are a deep red but turn green as they mature. The stronger the light the stronger the red coloring and the longer it lasts as a leaf ages. This plant easily sends up flower stalks. After the flowering, plantlets will form and these can be gently removed form the stalk and planted when they are about 2 inches in size. A large plant will tend to develop into two rosettes at the base. These can be cut apart and each planted.

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