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Wine Red Fighting-Betta FISH STATS

Wine Red Fighting-Betta -

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Scientific Name:Betta coccina
Size:2.25 inches
Alkalinity:Soft, acidic water
Origin:Malaysia, central Sumatra

Wine Red Fighting-Betta Species Profile

Distribution: The wine red fighter comes from Southeast Asia, in southern peninsular region of Malaysia, notably from Muar, and also from near Jambi in central Sumatra.

Form: The wine red fighter is a beautiful, relatively narrow-bodied betta, with a somewhat variable reddish-brown body color and paler longitudinal stripes. Male bettas display a dark spot on the flanks with bluish-green iridescence, and bluish-white edging to their dorsal and caudal fins.

Diet: Wine red fighters eat live foods, fresh, freeze-dried, and deep frozen.

Natural habitat and behavior: Found in both clear as well as blackwater stretches of water, colored by tannins, where the water temperature is 77–81°F (25–27°C). A blackwater extract can be added to the wine red fighter’s water. When claret bettas come into spawning condition, the female bettas develop a greenish stripe down the sides of their bodies, whereas the distinctive flank marking of the male betta is edged with white. Wine red fighters lay relatively small batches, typically between 30–60 eggs in bubblenests that are smaller than 2in (5cm) in diameter. The fry are generally quite delicate, and, like the adults, can be vulnerable to velvet disease. These bettas can be reared on a proprietary rearing food and infusoria at first, before being introduced to brine shrimp nauplii.

It is possible to leave these fish together as a family group, as the adults do not usually harm their offspring, with the young bettas being removed by the time they are two months old. Those spawning in their first year produce relatively small broods.

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