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Rummynose Tetra FISH STATS

Rummynose Tetra -

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Scientific Name:Hemigrammus bleheri
Temperature:73 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit
Alkalinity:soft to medium hard
Origin:Brazil, Colombia

Rummynose Tetra Species Profile

The Rummynose Tetra (Hemigrammus bleheri) is a small and popular tetra known for its ruby red coloration that exhibits well in a heavily planted aquarium. It is native to quiet and slow creeks of Brazil and Columbia that have plenty of aquatic vegetation.It gets its name from the word rummy, an addicted rum drinker that often has a red, or "rummy" nose.

The Rummynose Tetra is sensitive to temperature fluctuations as well as Ph, so keep this in mind when performing water changes. While they do best in schools, also include hiding places where they can rest and keep to themselves.

The Rummynose Tetra takes approximately one to two weeks to successfully acclimate itself to a new environment. You can tell its disposition based on the red in its nose, as the darker and more pronounced the red, the better the fish is doing physically. If the red disappears entirely, the fish is stressed, and this may occur during a new tank introduction.

The Rummynose Tetra is a small fish that grows to about 1.75 inches. The body is generally silver in color with a black and white caudal fin. The head of the fish is a ruby red, hence the name Rummynose. The fish is found in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It resides primarily in calm waters that are heavily vegetated. It can also be found in the black waters of the Amazon.

Because the Rummynose Tetra is a shoaling fish, it does best in schools of six or more in a community tank that has plenty of plants. It requires a minimum 15 gallon aquarium with plenty of live plants that resemble their natural environment. Gentle but adequate filtration and water changes of 25 percent per week are ideal for the healthiest of fish. Ideal water conditions are pH of 6.0 to 7.0 and a water temperature range of 73 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The Rummynose Tetra is a hardy fish that needs minimal care. Its diet can include both dry and frozen commercial foods, as well as live brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and brown worms.

Rummynose tetras are captive bred in fish farms in Europe and Southeast Asia. Rummynose Tetras have been known to spawn in aquariums that have Java moss located on the bottom of the aquarium. The ideal water temperature is 78 degrees Farenheit. After the spawn, the parents should be removed. The baby fish become free swimming in four days, which you can then feed them infusoria or baby brine shrimp. .

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