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Diamond Tetra FISH STATS

Diamond Tetra - Aaron Norman

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Scientific Name:Moenkhausia pittieri
Size:males to 2%frac12 inches, females smaller
Temperature:72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
Alkalinity:acid side of neutral, moderately soft
pH:6.6 to 7.0
Origin:Venezuela (Lake Valencia)

Diamond Tetra Species Profile

The diamond tetra’s lack of color is more than made up for by its other attributes. The scales located on the sides of this fish are reflective and almost shimmer. Its overall color is a glittering silver with highlights of greenish-blue. Mature males have an elongated dorsal fin, which, when fully developed, trails almost to the tail. This fish does best in a school of at least six or eight fish, where one male will become dominant, tolerating other males but reminding them of their place behind him.

An easy fish to keep, the diamond tetra requires water on the acid side of neutral, with only moderate hardness. However, it will adjust to a slightly higher pH and hardness, although it may not look its best in those conditions. It can be kept with any other community fish, and it enjoys a heavily planted aquarium. Feeding is not a problem because it will take any standard fare, be it flakes, frozen or freeze-dried. It relishes, of course, any live food offered to it.

The diamond tetra is very easy to breed, and many aquarists find baby “survivors” showing up in their community tanks, especially if there are plenty of plants for the babies to hide in. The diamond tetra can also be set up for breeding separately, treat it just like any other tetra.

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