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Third Worldwide Coral Bleaching Event Underway
500 million people directly and indirectly depend on healthy coral reefs.


Blue Dwarf Snakehead Fish Discovered in India
The blue dwarf snakehead is an air breather that can survive on land for up to four days.


New Crayfish Species Discovered in Alabama
The crayfish lives in complex burrows on land rather than in water.


Ambon Damselfish Can Recognize Faces
Ambon damselfish have UV facial patterns that only they can see.


Corals are Bleaching Off South Florida
Climate change is cited as the main cause of coral bleaching around the world.


While One Rabbitfish Feeds the Other Watches Its Back
A new study points to reciprocal cooperation when rabbitfish are eating algae on the reef.


Plastics and Clothing Fibers Found in Fish Guts from Indonesia and Northern California
UC Davis researchers found plastic and fibrous debris in 25 percent of fish sold in Indonesian and California markets.


Household Vinegar Kills Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star
The crown-of-thorns sea star is devastating corals on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.



Kayak Fisherman Fends off Hammerhead Shark in Weird Southern California Ocean Conditions
The hammerhead shark probably followed the warm waters from Mexico.


The Southern Sand Octopus Can Build Its Own Burrow in the Sand
With no other defenses, disappearing beneath the substrate is quick for this octopus.


Hawaiian Survives Tiger Shark Attack off Big Island of Hawaii
An estimated 13-foot tiger shark bit a huge chunk out of Braxton Rocha's thigh.


ORA Debuts the Transparent Cave Goby
Fusigobius pallidus grows to about 3 inches in length and feeds on frozen foods and pellets.


Don’t Iodide Overdose Your Saltwater Tank
Dosing any kind of chemical in the tank should be done with extreme caution and guidance.


Higher Than Normal Water Temperatures Cause Bleaching Events in Hawaii
Corals are bleaching from the Kure Atoll in the Northern Hawaiian Islands to the Big Island of Hawaii.


Aquarium Trade Data and Why It Matters
When it comes to the marine aquarium trade, there are precious few indisputable realities quantified—the trade has almost no data.

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