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Newly Discovered Saddled Loricariid Catfish Named After Star Wars Character Greedo
Peckoltia greedoi bares a striking resemblance to the bounty hunter dispatched by Han Solo in the first Star Wars movie.


Scientists Successfully Rear Pillar Corals in the Lab
The effort to rear pillar corals in the lab was three years in the making.


Video: Hermit Crab Condo Swap
Hermit crabs in the Caribbean queue up to wait for their next available home.


Aussie Looks to Lego Building Blocks to Inspire Man Made Reef Building
The structures are currently embedded on a trial basis on a reef area in Port Phillip Bay, Cairns.


Two New Goby Species Discovered in Papua New Guinea
The gobies live in burrows on muddy bottoms about 15-18 meters deep.


Octopus Takes Photos With GoPro Camera
Octopus bimaculoides has a penchant for taking photos.


Seattle Aquarium Octopus Attempts to Climb its Way to Freedom
Octopue makes it to the rim of tank before being pushed back down.


Sustainability and the Marine Aquarium Trade
Does the marine aquarium trade need to use sustainability as a goal for development and reform?


Lone Seahorse Seeks Escape From Spider Crab Migration in Australia
The seahorse seems to stick close to the dive photographer for several minutes.


Hawaii Fish Collector in Clash With Sea Shepherd Activist Given Six Month Deferred Sentence
Jay Lovell must stay out of trouble for one year for the charges to be completely removed from his record.


Hawaii Amended Aquarium Collection Bills Advance
Committee reviewed more than 4,000 pages of testimony on Hawaii's aquarium fish collection trade.


Massive Pavona clavus Coral Found off Japan
The huge coral is between 17 and 24 meters wide.


WWF-Australia Blasts Australian Govt. on Great Barrier Reef Dumping
The report "The Great Barrier Reef Under Threat" details how the reef is being harmed.

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