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Amazing Video Footage of Flying Fish Trying to Escape Two Predators
The flying fish escapes predation from below water only to get picked off from above.


Japanese Artist Creates Realistic Goldfish Paintings
These paintings are set in resin and done layer by layer with acrylics.


Lookdown Fish Can Hide in Polarized Light
The fish can hide in polarized light due to the structure of platelets in its skin cells.


The Dory Effect
Will Finding Dory result in a surge in blue tang purchases in the hobby?


Rare Venomous Nudibranch Washes up on Aussie Beach
The blue dragon preys on the Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish.


FDA Approves GMO Salmon for Human Consumption
AquaBounty spent 20 years trying to get its product approved by the FDA


Petsmart Recalls 1.75 Gallon Fish Bowls Due to Injury Reports
There are reports the fish bowl caused cuts and in some cases lacerations to tendons in the hands.


Organism Once Thought to be Single-Celled Were Once Jellyfish
Myxozoans are a complex parasite that retain jellyfish stinger genes.


Hawaii to Develop Coral Reef Management Plan to Address Coral Bleaching
The state’s land and resources chief doesn’t see aquarium fish collection as a cause for coral bleaching


New Tetra Species Discovered in Peru
Hyphessobrycon clavatus is barely and inch in length and black and almost clear in coloration.


Eels that Glows Green Discovered in the Caribbean
It is speculated that the eels glow green in order to better find a mate.


Bluespotted Jawfish Facts
The bluespotted jawfish is a beautiful burrowing fish that does best individually or as a mated pair.


Can Beauty and Health Be Measured? With Regard to Coral Reefs Yes it Can
Researchers at San Diego State University create a program to measure coral reef beauty and health.


How to Spot Signs of Distress in Your Fish Before it’s Too Late
The best way to ensure that you can have a healthy aquarium is to plan ahead and spend time working with and enjoying your fish.


Hawaii Researchers Try to Cultivate Corals for Warming Oceans
Assisted evolution employed in effort to breed a stronger coral.


Fish and Amphibians Have Enzyme That Enables Them to See Infrared
The enzyme Cyp27c1 helps fish navigate in murky water

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