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EcoTech Marine Debuts XR15wPro LED Lighting System for Shallow Reef Tanks
The Radion XR15wPro is designed for shallow reef tanks of 80 gallons or less.


The Push to Ban Aquarium Fish Collecting in Hawaii Based on Emotions and Not Science
Snorkel Bob and Sea Shepherd team up to push for aquarium fish collection ban in Hawaii.


How Does the Disco Clam Light Up?
UC Berkeley graduate student finds out how the disco clam lights up and it will surprise you.


California Man Arrested for Stealing Corals From Local Fish Store
Video shows man taking corals from two tanks in Glendale, CA store.


Fish-Eating Spiders? They Exist!
North America has the largest number of semi-aquatic spiders that eat fish as a supplement to their diet.


Importation of Lionfish Banned in Florida
Aquarists in Florida can no longer purchase imported lionfish.


Lionfish Can Live in Near Freshwater Conditions
12-year-old's science fair project is turned into peer reviewed study.


Check Out this Bright Yellow Damselfish Species That Was Just Discovered
Chromis howsoni, is very similar in appearance to Chromis amboinensis with the exception of the bright yellow coloration and the slightly shorter caudal peduncle


Bloomberg TV interviews LiveAquaria's Kevin Kohen
Kohen discusses the marine aquarium trade, captive breeding, and the $5,000 angelfish.


Kampachi Farms Wants to Release Giant Grouper off Kona Hawaii
The grouper were once abundant in the Hawaiian Islands but are now rare.


Vampire Squid From Hell Arrives at Monterey Bay Aquarium
The vampire squid is not a blood sucker but actually eats detritus and dead animal matter.

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