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Choosing the Right Size Reef Aquarium
The size of your reef tank determines how you will stock it.


5 Interesting Marine Shrimp
With the notable exception of the harlequin shrimp, these species can be fed just about any kind of prepared or frozen fish food.


This Plankton Eating Fossil Fish Had a Super Wide Mouth
The fishes comprise two of three in the genus Rhinconichthys that are plankton eaters.


Blue Carbon: How the Ocean Stores CO2
The role of marine vertebrates is now being explored to determine their importance in powering the biological carbon pump.


Japanese Tsunami Fish Find Home at Oregon Aquarium
The fish were found in a boat hull that drifted across the Pacific Ocean.


Regal Damselfish Found Thriving in Southern Gulf of Mexico
Researchers speculate the fish could have been introduced via discharged ballast water or via release by fishkeepers.


Breeding the Pearl Gourami
The pearl gourami is one of the most popular of anabantids among aquarists.


Jellyfish Aquariums
Jellies might just be one of those animals whose captive care is better left to the experts.


Lab Grown Elkhorn Coral Reproduces Successfully in the Wild
Lab grown corals could have potential positive impacts on coral reef restoration efforts.


Coralline Algae Discovered in Freshwater River in Croatia
Pneophyllum cetinaensis cannot survive in saltwater.


Paul Allen’s 303-foot Yacht Destroys Protected Coral Reef in Cayman Islands
The 303-foot yacht's anchor chain destroyed about 14,000 square feet of coral reef.


Devils Hole Pupfish May Have Colonized Devils Hole Just a Few Hundred Years Ago
Study says Devils Hole pupfish may have arrived during the great flood of 1862.


Species Specific Aquariums
Species tanks can make gorgeous displays with themes such as an Amazon River tributary or a spectacular seahorse stable.


The Asian Arowana
The Asian arowana is also called dragon fish or Asian bony tongue.


Bloomington, Minn Residents Who Don’t Want Their Fish Can Surrender Them
Minnesota Sea Grant and Minnesota Aquarium Society wants to prevent release of aquarium fish into local waterways.


NMFS Lists Banggai Cardinalfish as Threatened Under Endangered Species Act
Pterapogon kauderni is the first widely kept fish in the hobby listed under the ESA

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