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20 Species of Corals Are Now Protected By Federal Government
All the listed corals are from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and American Samoa


The Only Local Fish Store in Napa, Calif. Severely Damaged by 6.0 Earthquake
More than 100 fish tanks were destroyed resulting in the deaths of hundreds of tropical and saltwater fish.


Goliath Grouper Eats Shark Video Goes Viral But Why?
Fishermen seemingly bait the goliath grouper with the shark.


New Reef Coral Species Discovered in the Red Sea
Pachyseris inattesa is closely related to Euphylliidae.


Spawn of Jaws: The Birth Continued in Honor of Paul Walker
Dr. Michael Domeier quickly realized that Paul Walker's shark interest was the Real Deal and not out for a ratings grab.


Fritz Industries to Manufacture Mardel and Aquarium Product lines
Fritz will manufacture 13 products, including Maracyn and CopperSafe


Biggest Threat to Great Barrier Reef? Climate Change
In spite of what anti-aquarium activists will tell you, climate change is the biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef.


New REMUS SharkCam Footage Sheds New Light on Great White Shark Predatory Attacks
Shark attack footage provides new insights into great white shark predatory behavior


When Certain Corals Die, so do Orange Spotted Filefish
Oxymonacanthus longirostris feeds almost exclusively on Acropora millepora and when the coral dies off, so does the fish.


PetSmart Recalls Several Top Fin Aquarium Heaters
Nobody has been injured, though the heaters pose electrical shock risk.


Female Octopus Protects Her Eggs for More Than 4 Years
Scientist watches female octopus brood her eggs during 18 visits over four years.


Sharknado 2 Tops Sharknado With Close to 4 Million Viewers
Campy sucky B movie breathes life into the careers of a few terrible actors.


New Fusion Nano Tanks from Innovative Marine
The new tanks come in 10 gallon and 20 gallon configurations with pricing starting at $99.

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