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Viewing Aquariums Can Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rates
A study by the University of Exeter in England points to the calming effects of aquariums.


Three New Killifishes Described
Two killifish hail from Brazil while the third is from the Congo.


Matson Navigation in $15.4 Million Settlement with Hawaii over 2013 Molasses Spill
Some of the settlement money will go into coral restoration efforts.


Researchers Study How Sea Stars Fight Off Wasting Disease
Sea stars have been dying in large numbers off the West Coast of the United States.


Acanthochromis polyacanthus Can Adapt to Warming Oceans
The common reef fish can change its gene structure after just a few generations.


The American Cichlid Association Convention is July 30-Aug. 2
The show will feature all cichlids all the time for cichlid lovers.


Abu Dhabi Sets Up 10 Coral Reef Monitoring Stations
The Gulf state will conduct hourly temperature readings of Gulf waters to assess coral health.


Two Pseudocoris Wrasses Described
The wrasses are striking in coloration and have differing ranges in the Indo-Pacific.


Ocean Acidification Will Alter How Phytoplankton Behave
The change in competition at the plankton level would also alter competition all the way up the food chain.


Pro Surfer Mick Fanning Survives Shark Encounter in South Africa
Fanning was in a surfing competition at Jeffrey's Bay when the shark approached him.


Andre the Tomini Tang, Others Survive Florida University Aquarium Failure
More than 400 gallon aquarium at Florida International University's Student Union Burst at Seams


Juvenile Great White Shark Beaches Itself in Mass. and is Saved by Beachgoers
The 7-foot shark was chasing seagulls when it got stuck as tide went out.


Brookfield Zoo’s 54 Sting Rays Death Attributed to Low Oxygen
54 of the zoo's sting rays perished over the weekend in one of its touch tanks.


Video: Watch the Silver Arowana in Slow Motion
BBC Earth captured footage of the Silver Arowana fish catching its prey.


Plastic Transport Bags Might be Fatal to Fish, Marine Scientist Says
A scientist from the University of Maine reports that some plastic bags used to transport fish may have adverse affects, including death.


GoPro Gives Us a Turtle’s View of the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is a wondrous sight to behold; check out how it looks to a sea turtle.

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