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Reef Fish Perish During Fluke Treatment at Albuquerque's BioPark Aquarium
About 100 fish, including 18-year-old blue tangs perished during the parasite treatment.


Awesome Display of Nature As Killer Whales Hunt a Tiger Shark
It is not too often that a video surfaces of one apex predator dispatching another apex predator.


Cuckoo Wrasse Undergoing Sex Change in UK's Bristol Aquarium
Female cuckoo wrasse change to male when male to female ratios change.


Indonesia Wins Worldwide Recognition for its Coral Reef Management
To date, the country has established MPA's of more than 16 million hectares.


Seachem Labs Reformulates Fish Medication Lines
Seachem's reformulated products are designed to enhance immune response.


Government Cut, Fla. Dredging Killing Staghorn and Elkhorn Corals
NOAA officials have proposed relocating and rehabilitating the corals and returning them once the dredging is completed.


Veterinarian Successfully Performs Brain Surgery on Goldfish
The 45-minute operation enabled Dr. Tristan Rich to scrape the tumor off the 10-year-old goldfish's skull.


Colossal Squid Weighing 770 Pounds Hauled Up From Ocean Depths Off New Zealand
Fishing boat searching for toothfish, aka Chilean sea bass hauled up the squid 8 months ago.


Sharks Thrive When Coral Reefs Thrive
Researchers with James Cook University in Australia found that healthier coral reefs supported more shark species.


Coral Trout Collaborate With Moray Eels to Flush Out Prey
The coral trout and the moray eel sport advanced cognitive processes that are similar to that of primates.


Aquatic Experience-Chicago Announces Lineup, Keynote Speaker
Everything Aquatic Under One Roof To Be Held Nov. 7-9


Scientists Can’t Classify Mushroom-Shaped Species Found Off Australian Coast
Dendrogramma enigmatica and Dendrogramma discoides were discovered from dredged materials dating to 1986.


Seachem Ships New aquavitro Aquarium Tools
12 new stainless steel tools from Seachem's aquavitro line.


No Fines Paid for 2013 Matson Molasses Spill in Honolulu Harbor
More than 27,000 fish, countless corals adversely impacted by spill in Honolulu Harbor.

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