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Aussies Try to Stop UNESCO from Listing Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Site
The reef is under consideration by the heritage committee to be labeled as in danger in 2015.


"Lost World" of Coral Reefs Discovered in Torres Strait Off Australia
Researchers conducting biodiversity surveys recorded 279 species of hard corals, including 91 species new to the region.


Coral Restoration Foundation Offers Coral Replanting Dive Seminars
The CRF core outreach programs includes replanting of coral frags on reefs in the Florida Keys.


Massive School of Anchovies Off Scripps Pier in San Diego Calif.
Scripps scientists initially thought they were looking at an oil spill.


Drone Footage of Whale Sharks is Fairly Impressive
Whale sharks and a pair of manta rays make an appearance for snorkelers off Mexico.


U.S. Government to Pay Close to $2 Million in Tubbataha Reef Grounding Mishap
More than 25,000 square feet of protected coral reef was destroyed by the U.S. Navy Minesweeper


Kordon Ships Copper-AID External Parasite Treatment Rapid-CURE Ich/Parasite Treatment
Two new disease treatments for Ich, velvet, external protozoans.


Epaulette Sharks Can Withstand High Levels of Carbon Dioxide
Diminutive reef shark is making physiological adjustments to cope with elevated CO2 levels.


North Carolina Shark Feeding Frenzy Caught on Video
Sharks were feeding on a large school of bluefish.


New Cichlid Species Discovered and Described
Apistogramma ortegai is under 2 inches in length.


High Rates of Coral Bleaching Occurring in Hawaii
75 percent of major reef building corals in four locations showed signs of bleaching.


Reef Fish Perish During Fluke Treatment at Albuquerque's BioPark Aquarium
About 100 fish, including 18-year-old blue tangs perished during the parasite treatment.


Awesome Display of Nature As Killer Whales Hunt a Tiger Shark
It is not too often that a video surfaces of one apex predator dispatching another apex predator.

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