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New Fusion Nano Tanks from Innovative Marine
The new tanks come in 10 gallon and 20 gallon configurations with pricing starting at $99.


Kids Decorate Aquariums at American Cichlid Association's National Convention
Six winners won a food and water care pack with Tetra and Marineland products.


Deep Water Reef Fish Have Red Fluorescent Eyes To Help Find Prey
Red fluorescence increases with depth in reef fishes supports a visual function.

07/24/2014's SuperZoo 2014 Best of Show Awards
Three winners at the first SuperZoo awards presentation.


Tropical Warm Water Reef Fish Extending Range to Temperate Regions
In their newfound homes, tropical fish are overgrazing temperate macro algae.


Dredging Adversely Affects Coral Reefs
A Great Barrier Reef study points to dredging as a contributing factor in coral disease.


Nemo Can Find His Way Home
Fish larvae use smell and sound to swim back to their home reef.


Loss of Caribbean Parrotfish Could Result in Loss of Coral Reefs in 20 Years
Parrotfish bycatch has caused significant declines of the species.


Backstory: Video the Media Doesn't Show of Great White Shark Biting Long Distance Swimmer in Calif.
Fisherman was apparently targeting great white sharks, which are protected species.


Massive Koi Pond in Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall
Millions of gallons of rain water creates a massive pond in a Bangkok mall.

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