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GoPro Gives Us a Turtle’s View of the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is a wondrous sight to behold; check out how it looks to a sea turtle.


Illustrator Depicts Lives of Fish, Sea Creatures in Hilarious Comic Strip
Liz Climo, animator for "The Simpsons,” has created drawings that depict what the day-to-day life of animals might look like.


Restoring Reefs with Coral Gardening
Scientists in Florida believe that coral gardening is how our reefs will be restored.


Video of Great White Shark Feeding on Dead Whale Goes Semi-Viral
A fisherman from Long Island captured some footage of a great white shark taking huge chunks of flesh and blubber off a dead whale.


Fluorescent Corals Discovered in Red Sea at 50+ Meters
The corals come from mesophotic reefs that are usually less studied.


Pacu Found in New Jersey Lake
Fishermen caught a South American fish in United States’ waters.


Tuna Crabs Largely Gone From SoCal Beaches
Millions of the tiny red crabs washed ashore on hundreds of miles of Southern California beaches last week.


The Mantis Shrimp’s Club-like Appendage May Help to Design New Body Armor, Football Helmets
This stomapod's club continues to pound scientists with new data.


Adorabilis Should Be the Name of This Super Cute Octopus
The as-yet unnamed cephalopod has fans hoping it will be named adorable because it is so cute.


Dredging on Reefs Inhibits the Capability of Fish to Take in Oxygen
Study says dredging on coral reefs has adverse effects on reef species.


Massive Coral Bleaching Event Imminent Scientists Say
NOAA's Coral Reef Watch also expects bleaching to occur in the Caribbean and also in The Hawaiian Islands.


Massive Great White Greets Shark Researcher in Gulf of Mexico
Dr. Mauricio Hoyos Padilla calls it the largest great white shark captured on video.


Taiwanese Fisherman Captures Bizarre Looking Ribbon Worm
Bizarre ribbon worm belongs to the family Nemertea.


Dumping of Raw Sewage on Boracay Island Philippines is Killing Corals
Raw sewage has made swimming on the eastern side of the island unsafe.


Invasive Climbing Perch Worry Australian University Scientists
If any fish has evolved to survive, the climbing perch could be it.


Sawfish Can Conceive via Parthenogenesis, Study Says
Study of 190 sawfish reveals seven conceived via virgin birth.

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