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The Ultimate Aquarium Thermometer Test
Just how accurate are aquarium thermometers? Results will surprise you.


Yellow Rockfish Fitted with Prosthetic Eye
The fake eye will help reduce bullying that the fish was experiencing.


New Species of Snailfish Found at 8145 Meters in Mariana Trench
Video captures snailfish feeding on bait at more than 5 miles deep.


Banggai Cardinalfish May Be Listed as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act
NMFS recommends Pterapogon kauderni be listed after extensive study.


Seachem Releases Pristine, PhosBond, and PhosNet for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums
Products help remove phosphates and clean aquarium water.



As Coral Reefs Die Off They Go Silent
Coral reef inhabitants are some of the noisiest in the world.


Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Awards HIMB for Coral Reef Protection Efforts
Conservation grant continues Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology support of coral reef research.


Corals Bleaching at Popular Hawaii Snorkeling Spot
All 10 coral species at the Kapoho tidepools on the Big Island are bleaching.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Scientists Capture Rare Footage of a Black Seadevil Anglerfish
In 25 years of submersible diving, the researchers have spotted the elusive fish three times.


Hawaii Bill that Would Further Regulate Marine Fish Collection in Hawaii Postponed due to lack of Scientific Evidence
If bill becomes law, marine fish collectors would have to transport fish in 1 gallon bags, among other rules.


Aussies Try to Stop UNESCO from Listing Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Site
The reef is under consideration by the heritage committee to be labeled as in danger in 2015.


"Lost World" of Coral Reefs Discovered in Torres Strait Off Australia
Researchers conducting biodiversity surveys recorded 279 species of hard corals, including 91 species new to the region.


Coral Restoration Foundation Offers Coral Replanting Dive Seminars
The CRF core outreach programs includes replanting of coral frags on reefs in the Florida Keys.


Massive School of Anchovies Off Scripps Pier in San Diego Calif.
Scripps scientists initially thought they were looking at an oil spill.

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