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By John B. Virata | May 7, 2014

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Grand Kawanua International City in Sulawesi, Indonesia is serving as host of the first World Coral Reef Conference 2014, May  14-17, 2014, an event that will discuss and develop a response to the damage that coral reefs have sustained around the world.

The conference, which will be attended by more than 200 participants from 100 countries will serve to facilitate sustainable coral reef management practices in coastal countries in hopes that these countries will build their own coral reef protection programs.

Sessions include:


  • Policy on sustainable management of coral reef
  • Management and protection of coral reefs
  • Partnership in coral reef management
  • Coral reef-related business
  • Coastal resources and services
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Keystone to a Blue Economy
  • Strategy and Action Plan for The Development of Marine Tourism In Indonesia
  • Coral Reef Ecosystem Sustainable Business and Living
  • The Coral Triangle and the Desire for a Sustainable fisheries-- Issues, Risks, and Solutions from a business and environmental prospective
  • Coral Reef Fish Trade: Small fish, Big Business 
  • How to Integrate Business and Coral Reef Conservation
  • Coral Reef Fish Trade : Bolstering Traceability in the Supply Chain

The conference organizers hope that attendees go away with several key takeaways, including the sharing of local reef management practices, determining the condition of coral reefs around the world and its effects and connection with the ocean's role in global climate change, and to formulate efforts in creating sustainable global coral reef management. 

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Coral reef conference
First World Coral Reef Conference 2014
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