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Marine Aquariums at Home and Abroad

Both in the United States and Europe, hobbyists display stunning marine aquariums.

By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D.

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Aquarium Fish InternationalOver the past few years, I have had the pleasure of visiting many marine hobbyists in the United Kingdom, a few in Germany and some United States hobbyists in San Francisco and near Orlando. This has given me the opportunity to view and photograph their marine aquariums and chat about their setups, routines, fish and corals, and their hobby in general. Here I will present five aquariums from the many that I have enjoyed seeing.

London, United Kingdom
Garry Diamond from London, U.K., has a large custom-made glass aquarium (96 by 24 by 36 inches, 358 gallons) and set it up to reflect his snorkeling and diving experiences in the Maldives. A wall of live rock going the entire length and height of the back of the aquarium carried several anemones, such as white Malu, purple Caribbean, orange bubble and magnificent. Soft corals include finger leather, devil’s hand and mushroom leather corals, while the more colorful hard corals feature sun, flowerpot, hammer and bubble corals, as well as several Acropora species.

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