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An Atypical Nano

This nano tank with no sandbed is a small, atypical beauty.

By Bob Goemans

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Aquarium Fish InternationalWhen the aquarium bug bit me, I decided to set up a somewhat small reef system in my office. I wanted this tank to be quite different from what could be called an average reef aquarium. To accomplish this, I went with a sandless system and used a foam product to decorate many of the tank’s inside surfaces. I also stayed with corals that would not quickly outgrow the nano tank and would do well with its lighting and water movement capabilities.

After much research, I decided to order a 34-gallon plug-and-play system, as I liked its completeness; it had a rear-located vertical sump containing two return-flow water pumps, a protein skimmer, a heater and a fitting for connecting a chiller or canister filter. And with its hood containing four LED moonlights, two 55-watt T5 power compacts and a built-in light controller, it seemed to fit my needs nicely.

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