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Four Tips for Office Aquariums

Here are four tips for minimizing problems with office aquariums.

By Cassandra Radcliff

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Aquarium Fish InternationalMany people keep aquariums in their home offices, but what about at a more public workplace? If your employer allows, you can keep a small desktop (or maybe larger!) aquarium in your cubicle or office space. While the fish bring relaxation to an often hectic and stressful environment, this nano aquarium can bring in its own set of problems. Here are some tips for minimizing problems with office aquariums:

1. Keep it simple. The workplace is definitely not a place you will want to be pruning aquatic plants or trying to change pH. Keep fish and aquatic plants that you find easy and hardy, and don’t bring in anything that requires extra work or attention.

2. Understock the aquarium. You may find that your work is not always constant. On a busy week you may be too tired to do that regular water change. If you understock the aquarium and keep hardy fish, it will be less stressful on the fish and on you if they can go a week or two without a water change.

3. Be courteous. Especially if your office is quiet or if people need to concentrate, you may feel awkward making noise while vacuuming gravel and moving aquarium equipment around. It is best to change water early in the morning or later in the afternoon when many people are at home. When you dump out old water, bring it to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet. No one wants to see you putting dirty fish water down the sink!

4. Keep plants. If you don’t like to throw away dirty water at your work, keep a lot of plants at your desk. Water the plants each week with the aquarium water that has been changed out. The plants will grow well!

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