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Editor’s Letter

Creating a Backyard Oasis
Patience pays: How a backyard oasis came together, one step at a time.
By Mary Margaret Simpson
Photos by Diane Guthrie

Pond Filter Basics
Find out the mechanics of the devices that keep your pond clean.
By Rick Bartel

The Art & Science of Koi Judging
Although formal koi standards do not exist, learn how koi are judged.
By Peter J. Ponzio

Koi Varieties
There are many varieties of koi. Get to know some of the popular types in this guide.
Photos by Taro Kodama

Pondless Water Features
You don’t need a pond to bring the beauty of water to your backyard.
By Stephen G. Noble

Create A Plant Pond
You don’t need fish to have a pond filled with life.
By Miller Morgan

The Teamwork of Pond Building
A pond builder offers tips to make pond construction easy for the owner and contractor.
Articles & Photos By Mike Garcia

Must-Have Pond Tools
Knowing which tools are vitals and which ones are helpful can make your shopping trip more productive and help your tool-buying budget go farther.
By Julie Mancini

Water Garden Safari
Find out what animals you’ll attract when you create a wildlife pond.
By Neale Monks 

A Pond Lover’s Must-Go Event: Pond-O-Rama
Be inspired by touring dozens of ponds, and checking out their fish, plants, waterfalls, bridges and gardens.
By Gary Lange

Energy-Efficient Ponds
Save money and the enviornment by following tips and tricks from koi-keeping experts.
By James Careless

Lotus for Kids
Discover Nelumbo through a child’s eyes. 
By Kelly Billing 

Ponds Around The World
Need some inspiration? Check out the water gardens, koi ponds and water features from around the world.
Compiled By Jessica Pineda

Pond Plant Guide
Check out the different types of plants that are available for your pond.
Compiled By The Ponds USA & Water Garden Editors

Photo Contest
Enjoy the amazing pondscapes showcased with our 2013 photo contest winners and enter the 2014 contest.

Tips for Seasonal Care
A magnificent pond can be beautiful through all the seasons.
By Stephen G. Noble

10 Tips to a Healthy Pond
These quick and easy tips can ensure the health of your pond and the fish and plants that live in it.
By Stephen G. Noble

Tips to Deter Predators
Keep predators away from your pond with these easy solutions.
By Stephen G. Noble 

Guide to Water Quality
Good stewardship of our fish and plants includes providing excellent water quality for their well-being.
By Stephen G. Noble 

Plant Zone
Use this map to decide what to plant in your pond.

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