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10 Pond Planning Tips

Use these 10 tips when planning your small flowerbed or porch pond.

By Stephen G. Noble

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Supplement to “Flowerbed and Porch Ponds” by Stephen Noble, Ponds USA & Water Gardens, 2013 annual magazine, Vol. 16.

1. Safety is paramount. Consider the potential hazards for children around your pond and the associated risks of water and electricity.
2. Chose locations with multiple GFCI plugs to run filters, lighting and other electrical equipment. Avoid using extension cords. Seek the help of a certified electrician.
3. Pay careful attention to drainage.
4. A convenient water source is indispensible. Enthusiasm evaporates quickly when hoses and buckets have to be dragged great distances.
5. Completely clean the installation area of debris and make the space look as good as possible before beginning work.
6. Treat the installation area with nontoxic substances that discourage unwanted bugs (spiders) prior to installing the pond.
7. Choose a location that allows easy access, viewing and enjoyment. Out-of-the-way pond locations will be forgotten and ignored.
8. Avoid building a pond in an area where excessive leaves from trees or shrubs will fall into your pond.
9. Avoid placing your pond next to a barbeque or food-serving areas to keep food from accidentally falling into the water.
10. Use a properly installed titanium grounding probe to remove stray voltage.

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