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2013 Ponds USA & Water Gardens Editorial

Ponds: Even More Enjoyable

By Patricia Knight

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There are a lot of benefits to keeping a pond or water garden — and maintaining one can be a lot easier with the right tools and the knowledge to go with it. We hope to bring you some of the information that can make your water gardening even more enjoyable, whether you’re looking to make things easier or are looking for more of a challenge.

This year, we have something new: a series of quick reference guides on seasonal care, keeping a healthy pond, dealing with uninvited critters and water quality. For tips on pondkeeping overall, check out “Pond Care Made Easy” by Miller Morgan, and be sure to check out Kelly Billing’s “Low-Maintenance Plants.”

If you are looking for more of a challenge, we also have plenty to peruse in this issue. Want a flowerbed or porch pond? Look no further than Stephen G. Noble’s piece — some of the creations covered in this article are astounding! If you’re looking for inspiration to do something unique, be sure to take a look at “Three Upscale Water Features” by Carl Brady.

There are a few other things that really stand out in this issue that are worth an extra note. The first thing concerns the future of pondkeeping. The idea of keeping ponds in schools seems to resurface from time and time — and we wanted to let you know about a middle school in Ohio where the students were involved in everything from building the pond to ongoing maintenance. See “Koi in the Classroom” by Cassandra Radcliff for more.

We also encourage you to check out the reader-submitted bird photos, where your fellow pondkeepers share photos of feathered friends at their ponds. Next year, we hope to receive more photos from you — this time of other animals, both wild and domestic, that enjoy visiting your pond. And don’t forget our annual photo contest, where you can win great prizes from Laguna Water Gardening. Enjoy!


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