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The Pond Life

By Clay Jackson

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Are you a new pond owner or contemplating putting in a backyard water feature in the near future? If so, perhaps you’re wondering how to juggle pets, kids, work and home ownership with a water feature. The goal should be to maintain a water feature while maximizing the enjoyment you and your family get out of it. It is in this spirit that this issue of Ponds & Water Gardens USA has been cast. The pages to follow offer several “lifestyle” articles that are full of practical tips on how to incorporate ponds and water features (container gardens, fountains, water gardens or pondless waterfalls) into busy, hectic lives, so as not to be burdensome but rather labors of love bringing enjoyment to all.

Take kids for example. If you have them or work with them, and you’re looking for an educational activity, one that will captivate, encourage and inspire children, you might look into building a small backyard pond similar to the one built by the students at Clement Middle School, in Redlands, Calif. That’s right: kids, work and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I had the pleasure of watching the throngs of 6th, 7th and 8th graders transform a dusty hole in the ground into a beautiful, rock-lined, plant-accentuated pond. It even had its own electronically controlled waterfall. And it all went down — from turning the first shovelful of dirt to switching on the waterfall to the jubilant cheers of the hundreds of students who helped — in one school day. To get inspired by the Clement Middle School pond project, be sure to check out the article “Pond School,” on pg. 86, as well as a video of the Clement kids in action at

Dog lovers, too, may have some special concerns when it comes to ponds and water gardens. Visions of uprooted plants, muddy holes, piles of doggy waste and possibly even a drowned dog are enough to scare off any prospective water gardener. Well, Jean Fogle describes how you can combine these two great passions — canines and water gardening — in her article “Water Gardening With Fido,” beginning on page 92.

Whether you want information on wintering koi, caring for aquatic plants, maintaining pond water quality with proper filtration — all that and more is here in the pages of Ponds & Water Gardens USA. Now go read!

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