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FishThere are a lot of benefits to keeping a pond or water garden — and maintaining one can be a lot easier with the right tools and the knowledge to go with it. We hope to bring you some of the information that can make your water gardening even more enjoyable, whether you’re looking to make things easier or are looking for more of a challenge. This year, we have something new: a series of reference guides on seasonal care, keeping a healthy pond, dealing with uninvited critters and water quality...  
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Want to get a photo of your pond on the pages of Ponds USA & Water Gardens for all other water garden-lovers to see? Want a chance to win prizes that will make your pond maintenance easier? Enter the Ponds USA & Water Gardens 2014 photo contest. Take photos of your pond's flora and fauna or a photo of just your beautiful pond, and your photo just might be included in the 2015 issue!
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Koi and Pond Clubs
National and state listings for koi and pond clubs.
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Koi-Friendly Vets
State-by-state listings for koi fish veterinarians.
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