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September 2009 FAMA Editor's Note

New Fishy Resources

By Clay Jackson

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Marc Morrone Fish Book
Relax, not everything’s going to H-E-double toothpicks in a handbasket in this economy. To wit, there are three new fishy resources from your friends at Freshwater And Marine Aquarium, as well as BowTie Press, a division of our parent company BowTie, Inc.

Having debuted in the August issue, FAMA is running one brand-new species profile each month. They will also appear on These profiles will cover myriad freshwater and marine fishes and invertebrates. Each profile offers up a brief natural history, species range, physical description and a goodly amount of care information.

Take a look-see on FishChannel at Jackie Franza’s just-out blog “Confessions of a Reef Addict.” Jackie is a fellow colleague and editor as well as an enthusiastic reefkeeper. In fact, her enthusiasm for the marine side of the hobby seems boundless, as she recounts the weekly trials, tribulations and successes she experiences with her well-stocked 50-gallon reef aquarium. Check out FAMA Senior Associate Editor Ethan Mizer’s blog “Into the Aquascape” and my “Ebb and Flow” blog. All of the FishChannel fish geek musings are updated every Thursday just after midnight (Pacific Daylight Time). View all fish blogs here.

And last, but by no means least, is a new Q & A fishkeeping book covering both the freshwater and marine sides of the hobby. Ask the Fish Keeper is written by Marc Morrone, who is the resident fish geek on the Martha Stewart Living television program. Ask the Fish Keeper is available for purchase beginning in September. Order your own copy by calling 1-800-PET-BOOK. If you would like to win a free copy, check out our new Reader Reward section in “Aquamart." Having had a hand in its review process, I’m sure you will find answers to many of your fishkeeping questions in this informative 128-page book, which is beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs. Other books in the Pet Keeper series include Ask the Dog Keeper, Ask the Cat Keeper and Ask the Bird Keeper. Just in time for Christmas.

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