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October 2008

Coral Reefs, Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
Faced with global environmental change and its effect on coral reefs, what can the average hobbyist do, if anything?
By Britt-Anne A. Parker and C. Mark Eakin, NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Catfish Reproduction Biology
Explore myriad ways catfish manage to survive in nature and in our aquariums. More>> 
By Michael Hardman


Underwater Raptors
Paracirrhites forsteri and P. arcatus can prove troublesome to smaller fish and crustaceans, but each holds its own in a community of larger, aggressive fish. More>>
By Scott W. Michael

Go Wild, Collecting Fish
Parents and their children can learn to dipnet, kick net and dig net like the pros with these tips. More>>
By Robert Rice

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