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November 2009 FAMA Editor's Note

Writing to FAMA magazine

By Clay Jackson

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Writing a letter doesn’t have to be passé. The great thing in this day and age is that you can pop everything in an envelope with a postage stamp or send an e-mail with or without attachments.

Freshwater And Marine Aquarium wishes to better connect with our readers, which is why we want to break the proverbial bottle of champagne and launch our new “Mailbag” (the name may change) section in 2010. Since you are reading this in the November issue, even though it is August (yes, we do ship early), it’s closer than you think. Although we won’t launch the new letters section until we have enough correspondence to make it worth your time and ours.

Tell us what you like about the magazine, what you’d like to see more of or maybe some things you’d like to see done differently. We do listen. At times, when a reader comes up with a great idea we’ve been known to incorporate it into the magazine. I bet you had no idea you wielded that kind of editorial clout.

All aquarium and aquarium-related topics are welcome. You can report about recent successes you’ve had with your own aquarium. Perhaps you’d like to share a photo of a recent fish or coral acquisition. That’s great. Maybe you think your own setup is something to behold and you’d like to share it with the world — send or e-mail us a picture. We may even hang onto these and offer some prizes down the road.

Mailbag sections are kind of like reef tanks. As long as something is “reef-safe” (in this case, safe for print) and the proper size (letters of no more than 150 words; digital photos at least 4 by 5 inches at 300 dots per inch), it may appear in the section. Send us fishkeeping-themed travel photos, an aquarium-related photo with a funny caption, creative ideas, opinions, specific fishes and corals you’d like to read about, useful aquariumkeeping tips, cool (short) stories, breeding successes, walks down memory lane, aquarium show photos, fish artwork and anything else you can think of as long as it relates to the aquarium hobby. You can also submit your thoughts to us about our FishChannel website.

E-mail all correspondence to: Or mail submissions to: FAMA Mailbag, 3 Burroughs, Irvine, CA 92618. Submissions become the property of FAMA and cannot be returned. We make no guarantees that submissions will be published, and all submissions are subject to editing. Include your name, city and state with your letters and photos, as this info will be published with your submission. No information beyond name, city and state will be shared.

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