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May 2009 Freshwater And Marine Aquarium
May 2009

Pest or Prize?
Let the peacock mantis shrimp strut its stuff in an aquarium all its own. Bonus Videos>>
By David Lass

Decapod Drop-Ins
With oversized claws and armor plating, colorful Stenopus shrimp bedazzle even the most ho-hum of setups. More>>
By Steven Bitter



Taken With Cleaners
Once an afterthought, invertebrate clean-up crews deserve as much consideration as their piscine tankmates. Bonus Articles>>
By Brian Plankis

Club Fiddler
All you need to become a member is an Uca spp. crab and a paludarium. More>>
By Robert Paul Hudson

All-Star Asteroids
A guide for picking the best, and avoiding the worst, sea stars for your setup. More>>
By Bob Fenner

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