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March 2009

Marvelous Mandarins
Discover what it takes to keep these colorful and regal fish alive and thriving in your care. References>>
By Scott W. Michael

Make Room for a Reef
Big tank? No Space ? No Problem. Here’s what one aquarist did to build his dream. More>>
By David Lass



What’s in Your Fish Cabinet?
Stock your fish room with the best to ensure you can deal with any fish disease. More>>
By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Spawn Your First Egg Layer
Learn to use the permanent and temporary methods to master your egg layers. More>>
By Anthony C. Terceira

Catfish at a Crossroads
A walk down memory lane explores how red-tailed catfish went from all the rage to aquatic nightmares for the uninitiated. More>>
By David Sands, Ph.D.

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