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June 2010 FAMA Editor's Note

Good-bye, not farewell.

By Clay Jackson

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Change is the one universal constant — empires collapse and magazines cease publication. However, Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine isn’t going away — it’s being incorporated into its sister publication, Aquarium Fish International (AFI), with the July 2010 issue. FAMA was founded in 1978 by Don Dewey, and in its own unique way it has left an indelible mark on the hobby. For example, FAMA was one of the first aquarium publications to call attention to the practice of cyanide use in the collection of marine fishes — that was in 1979 before many were even aware of the practice. In 1984, FAMA published Julian Sprung’s “Living Reef Tank,” which introduced domestic hobbyists to the possibility of keeping miniaturized versions of real coral reefs in their own aquariums.

Because of innovations like these and Dewey’s mantra: “This is a magazine written by hobbyists, for hobbyists ...” — FAMA gained legions of fans during its 32-year-plus run.

The June 2005 issue was the first one published by BowTie, Inc. Former Managing Editor Elisa Jordan began her September 2005 inaugural with: One of my favorite expressions is, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” FAMA will live on but just in a different format, as many of your favorite columns will be moving to AFI. As will I, as AFI’s new editor.

I’ve enjoyed being at the helm of FAMA since May 2006. That’s 50 issues of FAMA that you and I have shared together. I had the pleasure of editing, writing for and choosing photos for FAMA, as well as watching it improve with every issue. Looking back, the current product is almost unrecognizable from when BowTie first acquired it. The look has improved, the content has improved, yet it retains much of that old FAMA magic. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you — the readers — for these past four-plus years.

I feel like we did Don Dewey proud. Yet I didn’t do it alone. I’d like to thank long-time Senior Associate Editor Ethan Mizer for putting his own stamp on the editorial product. Kudos to Senior Graphic Designer Terri Blake for her creative layouts. I enjoyed working with Publisher Craig Horowitz, Production Coordinator Kelly Nomura, Marketing Associate Jennifer Ketchersid and Ad Sales Managers Scott Berkowitz and Sandi Fields — all consummate pros. Thanks to Group Editor Russ Case and his mentoring through the years, and a big thanks to Chairman of the Board Norman Ridker, who had the vision to acquire FAMA and improve it along the way.

Please join me at Aquarium Fish International. I’m sure you’ll sense the spirit of FAMA lifting off the pages of each new issue as you fan through it.

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