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Squatty Tanks

Intended for sideways and downward viewing, squatty tanks give a whole different perspective into the underwater world we keep.

By Vince Brach, Ph.D.

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One of the interesting things about fishes is the marvelous ways in which their colors aid in their survival. In the brilliantly illuminated, clear waters of coral reefs, the permanent, eye-popping color patterns of reef fishes are — as naturalist David Attenborough puts it — “as varied as national flags.” Each pattern serves as a signal to others of its kind that it is a member of the same species. However, on the coral reef such colors are necessary if a fish is to stand out from the colorful coral and sponge backgrounds. While being conspicuous attracts predators, hiding places among the sharp corals are only a moment away if danger threatens — as novice collectors soon discover.

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